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"Debbie is a very experienced mentor with lots of experience in Strategic Management, she offers some very novel insights into Team management especially in the current Global scenario where cultural boundaries are melting away. It has been a delight to have worked with her. " Dr. Rakesh Vohra

"Debbie has consistently brought together our international multidisciplinary teams providing vision, guidance and welcomed structure. It’s a tall order keeping a motley crew of scientists, designers, engineers, technologists and business professionals closely focused on the micro and the macro, all while facilitating our messy ideation, mixed jargon and mixed data into viable and relevant solutions. I think this is just perfect for foot soldiers, mid-level managers and the executives upstairs, as well as for our clients, financial partners and customers across Canada, the States and Pacific Rim. Of course there’s also Debbie’s ability to laugh at herself, and, well, to laugh at us, too. 5-stars and highly recommended. " Dr. Andrew Schechterman